Reduce stress, save time and money by knowing what you have and finding it easily.

Organizing, De-cluttering and Purging Services:

  • Eliminate clutter & purge years of accumulation

  • Organize closets, cabinets, rooms and storage areas

  • Create “homes” for your possessions

  • Locate resources to donate, sell, discard unwanted items

  • Enhance the appearance and functionality of your home

  • Stage your home to sell; a great way to a quicker sale and better price

  • Tonia’s signature “Closet Transformation” /Edit your wardrobe

    see Art of Dressing webpage


Moving to a new home or first apartment is stressful. If you dread the stress, don’t have time, or are unable to manage the project, let us do it for you.

Moving and Relocation Management, offering three moving plans:

Turn Key Full Service Moving Plan   — Offering a turnkey experience, moving you out of your current home and setting up everything in your new home. Your full service-moving plan includes: 

  • Evaluate quotes from potential moving companies 

  • Consultation to assess the timing and cost of the move 

  • Assessing and planning your new space – setting up your new home, developing effective organizational systems, maximizing space, repurposing household items and furnishings 

  • First Sweep in your current location - deciding and tagging what to keep, toss or donate 

  • Pack- Label boxes for designation areas 

  • Final broom swept clean up ready for the walk-through 

  • Unpack, and setup your belongings and furnishings in your new home 

  • Provide change of address submission  

Packing and Unpacking Plan – the most exciting yet exhausting part of the moving process.  

  • Packing - carefully and strategically packing and labeling your belongings for designated areas 

  • Unpacking  - carefully and strategically un-packing your belongings and placing in designated areas 

  • Discarding all packing material 

Customized Moving Plan – Mix and match any of our moving services for your needs, to create your own custom moving plan.